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Free things to do in Hot Springs 

Whether you love stepping back into time at the Gangster Museum and The Ohio Club, enjoying the best tacos at Taco Mama, overlooking the entire ozark mountainside, or shopping your heart out until you are content; Hot Springs is the perfect secret getaway nestled deep in the Ouachita Mountains. And the best part is, you don't have to break the bank. 



1. Visit Downtown Hot Springs


Stop, Shop, Eat and Drink or just check out the historic downtown scenery and Bathhouse Row!


2. Take A Stroll and Explore The Mural Tour 


  • ”Remember” - 112 Central Avenue

  • “Verna’s Dream” - 320 Central Avenue

  • ‘Quapaw Mural’ - 502 Central Avenue

  • ‘Playing Cards’ - 204 Malvern Avenue

  • ‘Black Broadway’ - 350 Malvern Avenue

  • ‘Central Theater Mural’ - 1008 Central Avenue

  • ‘Sister City Mural - 833 Central Avenue

  • ‘SQZBX Mural’ - 236 Ouachita Avenue


3. Visit The Libbey Fountain (Bring a jug or container to fill up with free thermal spring water)


Once known as the Libbey Bathhouse located inside the Libbey Memorial Physical Medicine Center, this now vacant bathhouse holds a thermal water jug fountain for residents and tourists to fill up with natural spring water.


4. Check Out The Arlington Historic Hotel and Museum


The historic Arlington Resort Hotel and Spa has hosted guests from all over including baseball

legend Babe Ruth and even Al Capone. The hotel is known for its lavish decor and timeless history. The hotel and museum does not have a booking requirement  to take a stroll through one of the south’s premiere resorts. It is truly an American treasure.


5. Experience A Breathtaking View from Hot Springs Mountain Tower


A must to do in Hot Springs! You will be transported 216 feet in the air to an observation deck where

you will enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of Ouachita Mountains, Hot Springs Mountain,

and Diamond Lakes Region.


6. Visit the Mountain Valley Water Museum & Visitors Center


Originally the home of DeSoto Springs Company (built 1910), The Mountain Valley Spring

Company invites guests to come see where the bottling of America's Premium Water Supply

takes place. Also check out the FREE Museum on the 2nd floor!


7. Capture the moment at Anthony Chapel & the Botanical Gardens


Located in the Garvan Woodland Gardens, experience the botanical oasis with amazing

bridges, waterfalls and cascades, stunning architectural features and beautiful flowers and trees

year round. Garvan Gardens also is a popular holiday attraction during Christmas time with an

astonishing light show and maze!


8. Go for A Swim on Lake Hamilton


A 7,200-acre reservoir located on the Ouachita River, Lake Hamilton is one of Arkansas’ most

popular lakes to enjoy swimming, boating, fishing and wildlife viewing.


9. Make Your Way Down Bathhouse Row!


With unique stories of their own, enjoy eight bathhouse buildings that were constructed between

1892 and 1923. This area along with the Grand Promenade was designated as a National Historic

Landmark District in 1987.


  • Lamar Bathhouse

  • Superior Bathhouse

  • Fordyce Bathhouse (Free)

  • Ozark Bathhouse (Art Museum)

  • Quapaw Bathhouse

  • Buckstaff Bathhouse

  • Maurice Bathhouse

  • Hale Bathhouse

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